Curle – Property #2

Curle – Property #2


General Information:

Bedrooms: 2 bedrooms

Bathrooms: 2 Bathroom

Property Highlights

The space within the home is denoted by a design composition that is trendy, rustic, and truly unique, as seen throughout the furnishings, wall decor, and accouterments. This essence is further achieved with usable longboards, rustic metals, and pops of color throughout the space. Spectacular 180 views encompass the surroundings of the condo. The bedrooms follow suit, with creative color scheming evident throughout the bedrooms. Functional built-in speakers are present in every facet of the home so guests can enjoy surround sound music.

The condo also boasts a home theatre system, with a drop-down projector screen to watch TV & movies in full size.

The space is designed thoughtfully and carefully, boasting an effective layout with the bedrooms on either side of a spacious living area that contains the dining table, living room, and full-size kitchen.

Guests will also have access to a pool and a gym offered within the building’s amenities.

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