Muskoka – Property #7

Muskoka – Property #7


General Information:

Bedrooms: 6 Bedrooms

Bathrooms: 8 Bathrooms

Property Highlights

A grand entrance with timber beams welcomes you into the cottage. Around back, a brand new dining area for 6 with a umbrella and BBQ provide the perfect place to enjoy lunch! 3 loungers and a double and a hot tub, a manicured yard leads down several steps to the waterfront. On the left, 3 kid pod hammock chairs offer a fun place to swing in the summer breeze. A fire pit with stone seating for 6 is the perfect place to roast marshmallows as the sun goes down! Further down on the right, 3 tire swings invite you swing on while soaking in the view! At the water’s edge, a beautiful boathouse and dock boast plenty of outdoor furniture and clear glass railings to enjoy the beautiful Lake Joseph view! Fully enjoy this tremendous 12 acre property by walking the trails that run from the highway to the water and feature a river flowing through!

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