Propose Property # 1 – Zimmerman

Propose Property # 1 – Zimmerman


Address: Entire Condo , Winnipeg Canada

General Information:

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 1

Garage: Parking

Proxity to Home: 7 kms

Property Highlights

Nestled in one of Winnipeg’s most mature neighborhood’s and surrounded with things to do. Close to Corydon, Osborne Village, Polo Park Shopping Centre, Downtown and the Winnipeg Airport and surrounded by great places to eat and drink. Corydon Avenue and Osborne Village have a great patio vibe in the summer and beautiful lights in the winter. We recommend Saffron’s, Teo’s and Carlos & Murphey’s! There are also some fantastic coffee and dessert shops! For families, Assiniboine Park Zoo is a MUST! There are many great animals to see and the polar bears make great entertainment! Take a stroll through Assiniboine Park afterwards, the duck pond is beautiful and there are plenty of walking paths and picnic spots!

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