The policyholder’s immediate needs are our focus, so the claim can be your focus

Following a disaster, a policyholder’s focus on their basic needs can easily and understandably distract you from where your focus should lie; managing the claim. Our expertise in providing a seamless and pain free transition for the policyholders into their temporary situation allows you time to apply your expertise to rebuild their home and lives.

Professional and courteous every step of the way; the Accomsure team helps:

  • set the policyholders’ expectations in accordance with their policy;
  • manage and control the immediate needs and temporary housing portion of the claim;
  • provide cost effective solutions with a transparent and pre-approved approach;
  • with centralized upfront billing to improve accuracy of claim cost assignment;
  • and most importantly be the empathetic and responsive answer to the policyholders’ need for immediate assistance.

Have questions for the Accomsure team? Contact us and we will be happy to answer them. Need Accomsure on your claim now? To Submit a claim you can call us (1.888.212.5815), email us ([email protected]) or submit a claim now.