Strategically placed to be your immediate needs service provider

Having a combined 25 years experience of servicing the Insurance industry in a variety of manners, the founders of Accomsure identified a gap in the Canadian market where they believed they could improve the policyholder experience as well as control cost and save time for the insurance industry. Leveraging their expertise and network, the team set 3 founding principals they would use to drive a better experience for the immediate needs and temporary accommodation portion of the claim.

  1. Get the basics right: Once the customer has their accommodation taken care of, they are free to focus on progressing their claim.
  2. A pain free transition: between; disaster to recovery, we will seamlessly bridge the gap.
  3. Professional and agile solutions: cost and time efficiency for improved claims management.

Lean on us to get the claim started right; assign a claim to Accomsure now.