The answers to your policyholders questions

Every claim is different because every policyholder has a unique set of needs. We offer what off-the-shelf solutions cannot – a full suite of personalized services that accommodates the needs of each family during their time of need.


Shelter is our principal service following a loss. Our supplier network and claim management expertise are put in to action immediately – simplifying the claim’s temporary housing process. At the first notice of loss, we work with you to understand the accommodation requirements of the claim; from immediate hotel stays to a medium-term house and apartment arrangements. Once the nature of the claim is established, we turn our focus on the policyholder and their family, leveraging our supplier network to ensure their needs are met.

Our localized knowledge allows us to truly understand what will meet the policyholders needs while working within the claim limits. Proximity to their workplace, children’s schools, furnishing requirements and other considerations are all taken in to account when placing the customer.



Food is often an immediate concern – a good meal helps alleviate stress and anxiety following a loss. We ensure that the policyholder and their family are fed right away, and that their short- and medium-term accommodation supports their meal preparation routines. This improves the policyholder experience and allows for more effective management of ALE food expenses.

Everything else that matters

What is important to the policyholder becomes important to us. With every claim comes a unique situation from ensuring a pet friendly accommodation is provided to housing individuals with special needs. As these requirements often arise at different stages, we ensure a transparent communication channel is kept open so that all costs are kept within the claim limits while meeting the policyholder’s expectations.

Everything Else

Is there an additional service that we can provide to help ease the transition for the customer? Lean on us and we will do everything possible to deliver; contact us now with any questions.