DILWORTH, Proposed Property #1

DILWORTH, Proposed Property #1


General Information:

Bedrooms: 3 Bedrooms

Bathrooms: 2 Bathrooms

Proxity to Home: Approximately 8km

Property Highlights

Relax with your whole family at this peaceful space. 
It has two large living rooms, two dining areas, a large kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and has been newly renovated.

Things to expect:
There are at least 10-15 steps to get to the upper level.

The entrance is in the front. There are two parking spots in the alley behind the house and there are additional spots you can park on the street. Please be mindful of the bike lane and bikers when crossing to get to the house. There is a large staircase inside the house and in the backyard to access the inside of the house. 

Please note:

There is one unit on the ground level, which is occupied by long term residents. Please be mindful that noise can travel through floors.

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