Muskoka – Property #9

Muskoka – Property #9


General Information:

Bedrooms: 14 Bedrooms

Bathrooms: 13 Bathrooms

Property Highlights

With incredible views of the surrounding lake, as well as activities at every turn, this is truly a dream property. The privacy of the surrounding trees provides an incredibly serene and peaceful atmosphere. With a gazebo, exterior corridors, and a hot tub at the juncture of the central and west wing, there are many incredible places to enjoy a book or watch the seasons change right overhead. The vast lawn is home to a trampoline and a hammock which will keep the children entertained for hours! As you approach the waterfront from the northwest side of the property, a nautical rope handrail guides you down to the array of docks. Lounge chairs resting on a patch of sand is a great place to supervise children swimming in the shallow water. A rooftop deck by the lakeshore features pergolas and is an amazing place to relax and check out the surrounding views.

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