PPR # 2 – Hodgson

PPR # 2 – Hodgson


Address: Condo , Calgary Canada

General Information:

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 2

Garage: Yes

Proxity to Home: 16.2 kms

Property Highlights

The place is in a trendy area, Lina’s is right downstairs and across the street is Sunterra grocery store, and Starbucks is a block away. 17th Ave is 2-3 minutes down the street. The balcony has a great city lights view and during daytime, you can see some mountains. The kitchen is decked with all the basic stuff you would need to cook (kitchen knives could’ve been sharper). The smoke detector is a little too sensitive. Making toast was enough to trigger it! But the place itself is lovely. Will definitely come back here if I get another work contract in the city.

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