Schumacher, Proposed Property #5

Schumacher, Proposed Property #5


General Information:

Bedrooms: 1 Bedroom

Bathrooms: 1 Bathroom

Garage: Free parking on premises

Property Highlights

The Mount Pleasant neighborhood is fun, enjoyable, and unique, with various restaurants, boutiques, and antique stores.

The space is a combined open-concept layout with the living room and kitchen blended together to form a larger, more breathable area. The modern design is fashionable and comfortable, ensuring that a sense of elegance and luxe will resonate as you enjoy the creatively thought-out space. The kitchen is brilliantly laid out for cooking, entertaining, and lounging. Stainless steel appliances and clever lighting schemes bring this area of the home to life.

The home has everything one could need to have an optimal stay:

– Living Room
– Full Kitchen
– Bedroom & Bathroom
– Patio
– In-suite washer/dryer

Guests will have access to the whole unit, as well as all amenities within.
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