The holidays are a time for friends and family to enjoy delicious meals, exchange heartfelt gifts, and create cherished memories that warm the heart for years to come.

Unfortunately, when policyholders become displaced from their homes around the holiday season, they often don’t get to experience the same holiday festivities and cheer.

These displaced policyholders don’t get to wake up on Christmas morning in their own homes, may feel too overwhelmed to prepare and participate in their annual holiday traditions, and essentially lose all sense of normalcy.

However, during this time of year, adjusters are presented with a unique opportunity to help displaced policyholders reignite the holiday spirit despite the obstacles that life has thrown at them.

In this blog post, we highlight how Accomsure brought holiday cheer to a family who lost their home and four things adjusters can do to bring joy and comfort to displaced policyholders this season.

How Accomsure Brought the Holiday Spirit to a Displaced Family

Seven custom-made tree ornaments with the labels: “Jesse”, “Sasha”, “Troy”, “Julie”, “Mason”, “AMA Insurance”, and “Accomsure”.

At Accomsure, we have first-hand experience bringing holiday cheer to a family who lost their home.

In December 2020, a Calgary family faced a devastating fire, leaving them displaced just before Christmas.

Their insurance company decided they wanted to do something special to help this family during this difficult holiday season, so they contacted Accomsure.

Accomsure answered the call and delivered the displaced policyholders a pre-decorated Christmas tree with custom ornaments that had each family member’s name, including the dog’s, printed on it.

As the holidays passed, Accomsure continued to assist the family in securing long-term accommodations tailored to their needs.

Ultimately, this act of kindness brought holiday cheer to the displaced family, helping them make light out of a dark situation.

4 Things Adjusters Can Do to Support Displaced Policyholders During the Holidays

A family sitting on the couch wearing matching pajamas in front of a Christmas tree.

Below are four ideas on how adjusters can go above and beyond to spread holiday cheer to displaced policyholders this season.

1. Give Them Stockings

One way to support policyholders during the holiday season is by giving them stockings filled with essential items, like:

  • Gift cards to a grocery store, gas station, or restaurant
  • Toiletries like soap, shampoo, a toothbrush, or toothpaste
  • Warm socks or gloves
  • Non-perishable snacks like fruit snacks, granola bars, or nuts
  • Comfort items like a fuzzy blanket or stress-relief lotion
  • Small toys if the family has children

Providing stockings filled with essential items for displaced policyholders can be extremely helpful, especially if the policyholder has children.

For kids, receiving a stocking with gifts can provide comfort and a sense of normalcy.

Additionally, the items in the stocking will allow adults to replace lost essentials without worrying about purchasing new items.

2. Arrange for ‘Santa’ to Visit

Consider arranging a visit from Santa and help bring this heartwarming experience to families in need.

Inviting ‘Santa’ to your displaced policyholder’s temporary home for a special visit can create a sense of magic and joy for children during the holiday season. For children facing displacement, meeting their favourite holiday figure can lift their spirits and create loving and happy memories.

Hire a Santa is a service available across Canada where you can hire a Santa and bring a joyful experience to families needing holiday cheer.

3. Send Them a Holiday Meal Delivery

Being displaced during the holidays can make preparing a festive holiday meal an especially challenging task.

Instead of your displaced policyholder having to skip out on their delicious meal, consider sending them a holiday meal kit. The following are a few meal service providers and the holiday meal kits they offer:

  • Hello Fresh: They have four variations of their holiday box:
    • Classic (Turkey) Holiday Box (serves 6)
    • Classic (Turkey) Holiday Box (serves 10)
    • Gourmet (Beef Striploin Roast) Holiday Box (serves 6)
    • Gourmet (Beef Striploin Roast) Holiday Box (serves 10)
  • Todays Menu: They have a Christmas Classic Dinner (Serves 4) (only available in Toronto.) This kit includes:
    • Slow Roasted Turkey
    • Turkey Gravy
    • Rustic Apple Herbed Stuffing
    • Yukon Mashed Potatoes
    • Ginger Glazed Carrots
    • Homemade Apple Crumble
  • Home Meals: They have a variety of meals that seniors across Canada can enjoy during the holidays.

4. Arrange a Community Caroling Visit

Arranging a community caroling visit can bring the spirit of the holidays right to the doorsteps of displaced policyholders.

Imagine your displaced policyholder opening their door to a choir singing a rendition of “Silent Night,” “Joy to the World,” or “O Holy Night.” With Curbside Concerts, you can make this experience a reality for your displaced policyholders.

Curbside Concerts has a network of musicians who can perform live music right at your displaced policyholder’s door. Their performances will entertain and lift spirits throughout the holiday season!

Brighten the Holidays for Your Policyholders Today!

A kid hugging her dad in front of a Christmas tree.

As an adjuster, you know how devastating it can be for families to lose their homes around the holidays. However, when workloads are overwhelming, and you have your own holiday commitments, it can be difficult to go above and beyond to support these policyholders beyond managing their claims.

If you’re extremely busy this holiday season and don’t have extra time to help your displaced policyholders, consider partnering with an ALE management company like Accomsure.

At Accomsure, we assist displaced policyholders with a wide variety of needs, including providing them with essential items in times of hardship, finding temporary accommodations, and much more, all while staying within their policy limits.

Together, let’s collaborate to brighten the season for displaced policyholders and provide them with a holiday gift or service to let them know they’re not alone during this difficult period.

Submit a claim or contact us for more information.

Happy Holidays!