The Situation

After a BC couple with serious health issues experienced flood damage in their home, Accomsure’s team went above and beyond to quickly find a comfortable, temporary home that met the unique needs of the policyholders.

The Challenge

The policyholder was a senior couple where one spouse was undergoing chemotherapy at the BC Cancer Agency. Due to health concerns, the couple had a number of special requirements for a temporary home.

  • An exceptionally clean home
  • Laundry facilities
  • Limited stairs
  • Location as close as possible to the hospital to limit their commute during their displacement.

What Accomsure Did

After completing the initial research on potential, suitable properties, Accomsure arranged for 2 property viewings for the policyholder. That way, the team ensured that the policyholders were comfortable with the temporary home and the space was suitable for their needs.

The couple was happy with one of the properties but requested help moving some of their items to the temporary home. It was especially important for the policyholder to bring along their bed that was specifically designed to help the insured rest and recover as he underwent his chemotherapy treatments.

After seeking approval from the adjuster, Accomsure arranged for a moving company to move the items to the temporary home and worked with the policyholder, the property manager, and the moving company to ensure the furniture was arranged to their liking and comfort.

Finally, to ensure the property was exceptionally clean, Accomsure arranged for specialized cleaning prior to move-in. All of these preparations enabled the policyholder to transition into their temporary accommodation seamlessly and with peace of mind.

Benefits for the Insurance Adjuster

Even without any ongoing health issues, finding the right temporary accommodation that is within home insurance policy limits can be a time-consuming and stressful undertaking. Without Accomsure’s support, it is typically up to the policyholder to source temporary accommodation.

Accomsure was able to ease the policyholder’s concerns about relocating and support the policyholder at every step of the move. With Accomsure’s support, the overall cost of the claim was reduced by quickly facilitating placement into temporary accommodation, which allowed the repairs to progress as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In addition, Accomsure’s team could draw from their extensive industry contacts and experience to not only find the right property quickly but also at a cost that’s affordable and remained within policy limits. When the policyholders found out they had to vacate their property, their initial thought was to stay at a hotel while their house is being repaired. Instead, Accomsure helped keep expenses in check by finding a suitable home with full kitchen amenities, which allowed the couple to cook for themselves. The closest hotel would have cost 28% more than the long term accommodation, plus food costs.

Beyond cost savings, Accomsure also helped ensure a positive customer experience by supporting the policyholder when they needed it the most. During this difficult time for the policyholder, Accomsure was able to take on the workload of finding a temporary home, including:

  • Number of properties researched: 12
  • Total number of touchpoints made during the search and placement process: 76

Adjuster quote: “I was very grateful for Accomsure’s assistance on this one. As my insureds were quite elderly and had some serious health issues to contend with, it would have been very challenging for them to try and source something on their own.”

Benefits for the Policyholder

For the policyholders, experiencing significant flood damage to their home while battling cancer made their situation exceptionally challenging.

Initially, the couple was very concerned about leaving their home for any period of time, as they wanted to stay close to the hospital and didn’t want to disrupt their daily routine. However, staying in the home during the repairs would not be ideal for a couple of reasons

  • The presence of construction dust would pose a health risk to the policyholder with a compromised immune system.
  • Staying in the home would also slow down the repairs significantly, as the contractors can work a lot quicker in an unoccupied space.

Accomsure was able to work with the policyholder to ease their concerns about relocating and support the relocation process.

With Accomsure’s help, the policyholder was able to continue their regular routine with little disruption. Instead of spending time researching potential properties or worrying about the impact of the home repairs, professional management of ALE requirements allowed the couple to focus on their health and not be distracted by the stress that comes with searching for and moving into a temporary home.

Throughout the couple’s relocation, Accomsure provided regular check-ins to ensure they continued to be comfortable in their temporary home.

Policyholder quote: “We can’t thank you and your team enough. You turned what could have been an extremely stressful situation into a pain-free, well-thought-out solution, and my husband and I couldn’t be more appreciative.”

Through attentive, professional management of the additional living expenses (ALE) part of the claim, Accomsure was able to provide the insurance adjuster with significant value in terms of keeping the ALE coverage costs associated with the claim low and saving time for both the adjuster and policyholder. In addition, the high level of service provided increased customer satisfaction, which reflected well on the insurance adjuster and the insurance company.