The Situation

When a Canadian multi-unit low-income building burst into flames, dozens of families were abruptly evacuated from their homes with nowhere to go. Since these displaced policyholders were living in low-income housing, the preference was to find temporary accommodations that could house all policyholders in the same facility.

The Challenge

Because the goal was to keep the displaced families in the same facility, they needed to consider temporary housing that met all of their policyholder’s unique needs, including finding accommodations that were:

Unfortunately, many of these families did not have access to emergency funds, nor did they have credit cards, making this situation very stressful and overwhelming for both the policyholders and their adjusters. Due to this tricky situation, adjusters knew they couldn’t focus on the policyholder claims while helping policyholders find temporary housing, so they reached out to Accomsure.

What Accomsure Did

As the policyholders did not have credit cards, Accomsure took over the billing at the emergency hotel when the Red Cross funding ran out, where a further reduced rate was negotiated, leading to more savings for the insurer, and allowing their ALE funds to extend further.   

Upon understanding the full scope of the situation, the team at Accomsure knew they wanted to do everything they could to help these displaced policyholders. That’s when Accomsure put their best foot forward and went on a mission to find a facility that met the personal needs of every displaced family.

Then Accomsure found the right accommodation that could house all of the policyholders in a timely manner. The following are features of the temporary housing solution that they sourced:

  • Private, self-contained suites
  • Conveniently location within walking distance of their primary residence
  • Each suite had a kitchen
  • Each suite met the policyholder’s unique needs 
  • The prices of the accommodation remained well within their claim limits

Benefits for the Insurance CompanyInsurance company stat: The insurance company saved $120,000 with the help of Accomsure

Accomsure helped adjusters save time and money while dealing with the policyholders directly so the adjusters could focus on their claims. The following are more ways that Accomsure helped the insurance company: 

  • Due to Accomsure’s involvement and negotiation, a discount of $177 per night per room was obtained, totalling nearly $120,000 in savings for the insurance company.
  • As the policyholders had kitchens within their suites, per diems did not need to be dispersed. This allowed insurance funds to be extended by an additional 2.5-3 months than what would have been provided had Accomsure not been involved.
  • The property utilized for this placement did not offer third-party billing, except through Accomsure.

Benefits for the Policyholder

Policyholder stat: Displaced policyholders spent $0 on out-of-pocket expenses during the repair process

As the policyholders did not have access to funds to pay for their temporary accommodation, they wouldn’t have had a place to stay without the assistance of Accomsure.

Luckily, given the proximity to their primary residence, the policyholders could continue with their normal lives during the repair process without any out-of-pocket expenses.

How Accomsure Finds Temporary Solutions for Your Displaced Policyholder

When hard times arise and policyholders become displaced, Accomsure steps up to the plate and extinguishes the fire of adjuster and policyholder stress.


We are proud to support adjusters and policyholders in desperate times of need. It’s safe to say that if the adjusters didn’t submit a claim with Accomsure, these displaced policyholders would have been in a much worse situation physically and financially.

If your policyholder(s) become displaced, submit a claim with Accomsure. We will help them get back to their daily lives as fast as possible while you focus on their claim.