The Situation

On December 7, 2020, a Calgary family lost their home to a devastating fire just a few weeks before Christmas. Instead of prepping for the holidays and participating in fun and festive activities, this local family of two adults, two children and their family dog were left dealing with the loss of their home and belongings. Although the family’s immediate needs were met and they were able to stay with family, AMA Insurance wanted to do something special to help this family through the holidays…

The Challenge

AMA Insurance contacted Accomsure for help with a special project to bring some Christmas spirit back to the family. Just like Santa’s elves, Accomsure was more than happy to help! The request involved Accomsure delivering a pre-decorated Christmas tree to the policyholders’ temporary residence.

What Accomsure Did

Through some research and conversations with the family, the Accomsure team found the perfect way to go above and beyond for this unique request. Not only did Accomsure coordinate and arrange for an artificial Christmas tree to be decorated and delivered to the insured’s temporary residence, but they also found a way to add some special personal touches.

The Accomsure team dove right in and got into the Christmas spirit by having custom ornaments created for the family. These ornaments included:

  • An ornament with the family’s last name
  • Four individual ornaments with each family member’s name (including hockey sticks on the ornaments for the boys)
  • An ornament for Sasha, their family dog who’s life was saved by the father who ran back into the burning home to save her from the fire.

“We know first-hand the stresses caused by being displaced, let alone losing your entire home weeks before Christmas. I think this speaks to the versatility and creativity of our team. We are always coming up with out-of-the-box solutions to help our insureds in their time of need,” says a team member from Accomsure.

These personal touches made it all the more special when AMA and Accomsure delivered the Christmas tree to the family a week before Christmas.

“These ornaments are so special, really they are. It’s such a nice touch for sure… thank you so very much,” said the mother after receiving the decorated tree.

Now that the holidays have passed, Accomsure is working with the family to arrange long term accommodations that will meet their specific needs going forward.

Benefits for the Insurance Company

Although AMA’s request was certainly unique, it was the perfect idea to help this family through a difficult time in their lives.

One of our team members at Accomsure explained, “This is definitely a first for Accomsure. We have never had an insurance company reach out to us with such a unique request. Our team was more than happy to rise to the occasion as this is very in line with what Accomsure stands for as a company.”

Accomsure was able to take on this project to deliver outstanding customer service on AMA Insurance’s behalf.

AMA was overjoyed with Accomsure’s support and one of their staff members shared, “Accomsure went over and above by providing them with the decorated tree, and personalized ornaments…The true sense of our TYLF (Treat you like family and friends) culture!”

Benefits for the Policyholder

In the eyes of the policyholders, AMA Insurance was already effectively managing their home insurance claim. The policyholders had no idea or expectation that AMA Insurance would go above and beyond to help them.

Thanks to AMA Insurance’s request, Accomsure gave these policyholders the gift that they really needed most: Christmas spirit.

The policyholders were so thankful for the support from AMA Insurance and Accomsure. “This was an awesome way to make things more positive,” shared the policyholder, and “this is the highlight of our week.”

Accomsure Can Help Meet The Unique Needs of Every Policyholder

Accomsure is proud to help our policyholders in any way that we can, no matter what their needs may be. Through out-of-the-box thinking and our devotion to providing the best service possible, we can handle complex cases, assist with a wide variety of policyholder needs, and deliver the most effective ALE management solutions. Contact us to learn more or submit a claim today.